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MediaRange Professional Line CD-R media provide maximum reliability and are designed to meet the high demands of professional duplication. The excellent recording stability allows your data to be professionally duplicated in just a few minutes with write speeds of up to 52x. Their superb compatibility with burners, printers and robotic systems also ensures smooth production. Our entire range of storage media is known for its long archival life and excellent UV light resistance. The ProSelect series, with a printing area of 23 - 118mm, is equipped with a special lacquer making these discs perfect for professional thermal retransfer printing. The completely metalized underside of the disc allows for a top-quality continuous image without any color changes in the inner printing area.


  • MediaRange Professional Line media
  • Capacity: 700MB
  • Format: CD-R
  • Speed: up to 52x
  • Packaging: cake box 100
  • Surface: white, full-surface printable, ProSelect
  • Surface type: for thermal retransfer printers
  • Printing area: 23 – 118mm
  • Underside: fully metalized
  • Printable with appropriate thermal retransfer printer
  • Professional and quick-drying surface
  • Long archival life
  • Excellent compatibility with burners and players
  • Excellent UV light resistance

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